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    Home to the Bravehearts Turbo Studio Masters Race Team

The fastest way to get faster on your bike is with Turbo Studio Check out our INDOOR MEMBERSHIP PLANS and SESSION TIMETABLE

Sydney's Premier Training House for Cyclists and Triathletes

Complement Your Indoor Workouts with a Tailored Training Plan


A Quick Glance at our Session Types

Ninety minutes of High Intensity Interval work at your FTP. Establishing your FTP is first and foremost on the check list as throughout the sixty minutes you will be working through intervals that feed percentages of your FTP to the back wheel through the resistance created by our

Computrainers that works together with our software. The work you do at TS will see your FTP progressively climb and as power climbs speed increases with it. Read more about how our sessions operate here.

The second and more 'precise extraction' process is to conduct a Performance Test. Carrying out an FTP test is arguably one of the hardest procedures you will go through on a bike. FTP is indicative of an intensity that is similar to a blood lactate threshold, which can be highly predictive of performance in a range of endurance events and distances

Conducting these tests on a regular basis (every six-eight weeks) keeps your training honest and any improvements (or lack of!) transparent.

It's possible to ride any course in the world inside at Turbo Studio. Simulating the bike course allows for a better understanding of what the course elevation will leave you feeling both throughout the ride and at the end of it which is of significant benefit to Triathletes in particular.

What is Turbo Studio

Now in our ninth year of operation, Turbo Studio is Sydney's first Indoor Cycle Training House. Since we opened our doors we have evolved into outdoor training, one on one Coaching, touring and training camps as well as our Bravehearts Turbo Studio Masters Race Team which is our not for profit project in aid of Bravehearts charity.

Indoor Sessions are conducted using your own bike mounted on the most precise ergometer on the market, the Computrainer. Sessions are load controlled meaning there is no gear changing required.

The Computrainer feeds the load of intensity to your back wheel according to the custom written sessions tailored to Turbo Studio's method of training which is High Intensity Interval based.


I've been describing Turbo Studio to my friends as legal doping. Adding one TS session a week to my (limited) training schedule boosted my riding and gave me a competitive edge. I know when I do each session, whilst it's always challenging, I'm building power that I will see a real return from when I'm out on the road.

Earlier this year I started a structured coached training program with Turbo Studio in addition to my indoor training with them. Having a program which has been tailored to my goals, timetable - and personality, has been the best investment in cycling that I have ever made. With Turbo + Coaching I've been able to very quickly step up to a level well beyond my best past performances and I can see a clear path to achieving the cycling goals I've set for myself.

By applying the structure and guidance provided, I've found that I'm getting much greater value out of every training session I do. I'm enjoying my riding much more and I'm seeing the results every week. I've also learnt a lot about applying nutrition, stretching and rest to deliver sustainable performance - areas that didn't get much focus from me in the past.

The attention, guidance and feedback I've received from Jo has been outstanding. With Jo's input I am training much smarter and with a clear understanding of how each session will carry me towards my goals.

Shane Mattiske Sydney


"We're often described as legal performance enhancement.
I couldn't think of a better way to sum up Turbo Studio"

Joanne Palazzetti. Founder and Director of Turbo Studio


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