Turbo Studio is Sydney's Premier Indoor Training House specialising in the use of Power as a measuring tool to improve performance on the Bike through custom written High Intensity Interval (HIT) sessions. Turbo Studio Squad provides race goal driven Coaching and Squad training with a thorough understanding and implementation of training with power.



TURBO STUDIO SQUAD is a race focussed Triathlon and Cycling Squad providing outdoor group training sessions and custom training plans and guidance. Headed by three Professional Coaches Jake Brindle, Joanne Palazzetti and Stanley Cribb. Read more ...


TURBO STUDIO is for anyone looking for that extra kick in a race or wanting to enjoy the Sunday bunch ride without the fear of being dropped week after week? Are you training for an Olympic distance Triathlon or an Ironman? Incorporating Turbo Studio's High Intensity Indoor Sessions into your current training regime WILL improve your speed on the bike whether you’re an avid racer or a recreational rider.


TURBO STUDIO BIKE TOURS takes you well beyond the doors of Turbo Studio venturing throughout Australia and further afield to Borneo and Europe. Conducting training camps and cycling tours offering unique itineraries, attention and service. Spend your next cycling adventure with TURBO STUDIO BIKE TOURS!.


As a growing community Turbo Studio provides a welcoming environment throughout. We would love to have you on board with us!


Is it indoor training you are looking for? An increase in power output on the bike? Are you looking for a local squad to train and be motivated with? Are you planning you next cycling holiday? Turbo Studio covers a broad range of choices and can undoubtedly help you or point you in the right direction. Contact us directly with your enquiry at info@turbostudio.com.au