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The Audi Centre Sydney Breakfast Ride is Sydney's favourite morning out on the bike and it just got better!

Sydney's Favourite Breakfast Ride!
just got better!


Welcome to the Ride

We've turned a regular training ride into an event that delivers riding, social and business networking not to mention breakfast + coffee! The Audi Centre Sydney Breakfast Ride is a great way to start a weekend and we want you to join us on a top morning out!

The ride is a combined offering from Audi Centre Sydney and Turbo Studio, behind which is a driving desire to provide a community training ride that offers a professionally Captained and challenging workout as well as a social network setting. Bringing cycling clubs and training squads together is very much a part of Turbo Studio’s culture and this is evident in the success of our popular Big Day Out events. With the introduction of this shorter and more regular local training ride we continue to build on that theme through the direct involvement of Audi Centre Sydney and our race team.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us to keep the ride appealing through your attendance and hope you’ll continue to remain part of future rides.

Your Breakfast Host

895 South Dowling Street
Zetland 2017 NSW
Tel.: +61 (2) 9931 3400
Fax: +61 (2) 9931 3401

Ride Calendar

Cronulla. Meet Audi Centre Sydney 5.55am
Please register for ride using one of the three group links under 'Choose Your Ride Group' below. Information will be emailed prior to Saturday 14th.

Ride details to be confirmed

Ride details to be confirmed

Ride details to be confirmed

About the Ride

We offer three ride groups to satisfy a broad spectrum of fitness levels with the exception of absolute beginners as all riders must be familiar with group ride etiquette to be part of this event. If you start in Group Three, you could make it your aim to eventually ride with Group Two and so on. If you enjoy riding with familiar faces in Group Two for each scheduled ride, then keep on keeping on!

Choose from one of the below groups according to desired pace on the day.

Breakfast at Audi Centre Sydney

Could this be a Sydney first? Our partner Audi Centre Sydney graciously hosts a free breakfast after the ride on their premises and as we cyclists know, with every ride there must be coffee. Please accept the food and beverages courtesy of our partner.

Join the Fastest Growing Training Ride in Sydney!

We hope you enjoy this growing initiative from within your local business community and look forward to your company once a month!

Please direct any last-minute queries to Turbo Studio on 0414 691 228.

Choose Your Ride Group

The Audi Centre Sydney Breakfast Ride represents everything that is cycling!

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