Turbo Studio proudly support Bravehearts BRAVEHEARTS - working to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child


There is not a child in this nation that has not benefited from the tireless work of Bravehearts. Bravehearts has forged a movement for change in how the issue of child sexual assault is dealt with by Government, the judiciary and the community at large.

Since it’s inception in 1997, Bravehearts has moved this taboo subject out of the shadows and into the light. Research consistently shows that approximately one in five children will be a victim of some form of sexual exploitation before the age of eighteen (James 2000; Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006). Bravehearts Prevention Services include areas of specialist therapy, support, education, research and legislative reform has made a remarkable, quantifiable and positive difference in protecting everyone's children.

Their proven programs are highly effective, their knowledge is unsurpassed, and their commitment to achieve our Vision is unbridled. It is only through increasing general awareness, increasing skills and capacity building for those working and living with children, preventative strategies, education and strong policies and legislation that Bravehearts can accomplish their Mission - to stop child sexual assault in society. Specialist services are instrumental in preventing the sexual assault of Australian children and giving hope and healing to the most vulnerable and precious members of our community – our kids

Bravehearts' members comprise survivors, parents, friends, partners, professionals and non-abusive members of the community who share in the belief that child sexual assault must stop. Bravehearts aims to empower, educate and protect by providing healing and support, engendering child sexual assault prevention and protection strategies; advocating for understanding and promoting increased education and research.

Bravehearts operates in four states across the Eastern sea board with headquarters in Queensland and offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania and was founded by Hetty Johnston during Child Protection Week, September 1997.

Bravehearts and Turbo Studio

In 2014 I approached Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston and put forward some ideas that I felt Turbo Studio could bring to fruition in order to give some voice to their cause. One was a Masters Race Team, the other was a Charity Ride.

I can honestly say without a word of exaggeration, the moment Bravehearts rang and expressed their enthusiasm at the proposal was probably the proudest moment for me in the life of TS. Five years on and I had reached a goal that could run parallel to the business and offer a wide audience for them within the Cycling and Triathlon community.

Next came the biggest hurdle, finding a Sponsor who would empathise with such a sensitive cause. One who would not expect personal or corporate gain and one that would hopefully roll their sleeves up and get involved.

Jack Singleton, online retail entrepreneur and ad man has been a valued client of Turbo Studio for close to five years. I told him of my desire to help Bravehearts via the Team and Charity Ride Projects. Within one week Jack stepped forward and offered to personally sponsor the Team on one condition - that it be called Bravehearts Turbo Studio Race Team. Our Team had wings from that day on. Additionally Jack is onboard 100% with the Ride for Bravehearts Charity Ride which is now in planning for late 2015.

Bravehearts Turbo Studio Masters Race Team has a rider roster of twelve exceptional Masters Riders some with professional cycling backgrounds, others from the National Road Series and one an Olympian. It's an impressive collaboration that harnesses cycling talent, passion for a most important cause and a Charity whose challenge in raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse is a daily one and uphill all the way.

Although both projects are incredibly exciting for us here at TS, first and foremost on the agenda is to shed more light across the topic of childhood sexual abuse in Australia. It is far more common than many realise with one in five children will be the victim of some form of sexual exploitation before they reach the age of eighteen. Through educating our children and ultimately the entire Australian community we have the power to change this.

Joanne Palazzetti
Director Turbo Studio

Read more on the work done by Bravehearts and find out how you can be part of the cause.

Ride for Bravehearts 2016/17

Ride for Bravehearts is slated for end 2016 with Turbo Studio founder Joanne Palazzetti planning to ride from the most easterly point of Australia (Cape Byron in NSW) to the most westerly point (Steep Point in WA). A total of 4,800km crossing the Nullabor Plain in an estimate five to six weeks.

This ride is not a fundraiser, it is to deliver the presence of Bravehearts to the children of Australia. Joanne will not be requesting donations, instead the request will be made for adults of Australia to raise 'childrens' awareness of Bravehearts by forwarding information to local schools, community organisations and networking.

Read more on the work done by Bravehearts and find out how you can be part of the movement.

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