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Having earned a solid reputation based on a great quote "Organization is not an option, it is a fundamental survival skill and distinct competitive advantage" Joanne decided to create a dedicated indoor training centre for cyclists and triathletes providing a great facility to the sporting community.

Combining her know how from previous business ventures with the professional coaching expertise of the Turbo Studio Coaches results in the perfect mix. Turbo Studio has grown over seven years into a reputable house of bike training providing scientific based power programmes coupled with a friendly atmosphere.

In addition to Turbo Studio, Joanne owns Turbo Studio Squad together with Nathan Bonarius. Merging their years of training, racing and Coaching experience to grow their vision of creating an all inclusive cycle training squad for road racing, granfondo entrants, triathletes (bike only) and non-competitors. Read more about Turbo Studio Squad.

Joanne is responsible for the one to one coaching services provided by Turbo Studio. With her years of experience in training with power her approach to tailored training is 'keep it real and keep it specific'.

2016 sees the introduction of new and exciting projects coming from the TS desk as well as the continuation of existing ones - one of which is the Bravehearts Turbo Studio Masters Race Team which brings together twelve A Grade Masters Cyclists to combine their race prowess in order to compete in Masters Level racing throughout New South Wales whilst giving exposure to the Bravehearts Charity.

Outside of running Turbo Studio and Turbo Studio Squad, Joanne spends her remaining time trying to convince her two growing sons there is something remotely cool about their Mum. Last time we looked, she was still trying.

Nathan Bonarius

Ride Captain Turbo Studio Squad

Twitter Instagram How I Got Into Cycling: I started cycling when I was about twenty nine. My future father in-law took me for a 50km bike ride and I was hooked. My Missus came across a Cecil Walker road bike at an auction centre in Alexandria which we picked up for $300 dollars. Lasted me about eighteen months then I upgraded to a Ridley Noah, same bike Robbie McEwen rode in the Tour de France when he was with Predictor Lotto

Goal Event/s of 2016: NSW Masters Road Champs, Battle of the Border, Australian Masters Road Champs, Amy's Grand Fondo (qualifier for world masters), Grafton to Inverell & Noosa Crit Favorite Event and Why: Mick Chapman Memorial Handicap. It's at the end of the season & it keeps you motivated to stay fit. It's also in Newcastle and I have a mixture of family and friends who come down to watch me race. Division One is a tough race and you get to race against some of the best in the business like Robbie McEwen, Caleb Ewen.

Maybe I should change my name to Nate BonEwen.

My Great Achievement in Cycling to date is: My greatest achievement would have to be 2012 National Masters Champion

When I'm Not Cycling or Working : Hanging with my girls Bree & Harper. Bree is my better half and Harper is my 7 year old daughter. On Saturday mornings you'll always find me at the Organic Markets in Leichhardt doing the weekly shopping.

and .... I manage a systems integration company called SMARTHOMEWORKS. We do the design and implementation of smart systems in houses like Lighting Control, Security, Intercom, House Music, Home Entertainment, Energy Management Systems and we can even control it all from an iDevice.

I take my health and fitness seriously. When I was thirty I had a heart attack on the bike. Luckily for me I've experienced a heart attack. I was told that if I wasn't so physically active in two years time I would have dropped dead. I had two stents put into my LAD (Artery feeding the right side of my body). I was told I would never ride let alone race again. So I met with another cardiologist in Sydney who said I could ride but to keep my heart rate below 120 bpm. I said ‘okay thanks’, got on that bike and freaked myself out as we all know we ride well into the 190 bpm when we race. So I revisited him and said I can't keep it that low so we did a fitness test and I passed with flying colours, got the all clear to race - well kind of. He asked me if I would take up a different hobby, like sitting down in a comfy chair, reading a book with a glass of red?

Two years later I was diagnosed with arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat/electrical issue). My garmin picked up readings of 250 bpm. After a couple of angiograms I was given three options - a Pacemaker, a Defibrillator or an Ablation. Unfortunately it wasn't up to me to decide but I pushed for the ablation which they attempted first and with success.

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