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Investing dollars in equipment, airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses not to mention taking leave from work, comes to nought if you don't invest a proportionate value in your actual training.

Employing the services of a Coach can seem daunting at first and is often viewed as unnecessary. Just ride more, right? Wrong! Extra mileage can often be relegated to the 'junk folder' in your training log as without goal specificity and structure the only place you'll find yourself going to at top speed is nowhere!

If your goal is to simply get better on your bike or whether it's a sportif or national event, following a training plan will see significant improvements in your cycling performance as the body responds rapidly when conditioned in the right manner and pointed in the right direction. Through our knowledge of applying the principles of power to training (and this applies whether you use a power meter or train using the scale of perceived effort) we guarantee you will reap the benefit of our Coaching expertise.

Our training plans are delivered via a Basic Training Peaks Account and monitored through our Coaching Account.

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  • Measured with Power / HR / PE
  • Includes One Indoor Performance Test
  • Coach Supervision Throughout
  • Delivery via Training Peaks
  • Delivered in One x Four Week Block
  • Suits All Levels of Cycling
  • Contact via Phone / Email / Skype
  • Revision Two Per Month
  • Analysis Fortnightly


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  • Self-Monitored
  • Delivery via Basic Training Peaks
  • Delivered in Twelve Week Block
  • Plans for all Levels of Cycling
  • Coach Supervision No
  • Revision No
  • Analysis No

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I've been describing Turbo Studio to my friends as legal doping. Adding one TS session a week to my (limited) training schedule boosted my riding and gave me a competitive edge. I know when I do each session, whilst it's always challenging, I'm building power that I will see a real return from when I'm out on the road.

Earlier this year I started a structured coached training program with Turbo Studio in addition to my indoor training with them. Having a program which has been tailored to my goals, timetable - and personality, has been the best investment in cycling that I have ever made. With Turbo + Coaching I've been able to very quickly step up to a level well beyond my best past performances and I can see a clear path to achieving the cycling goals I've set for myself.

By applying the structure and guidance provided, I've found that I'm getting much greater value out of every training session I do. I'm enjoying my riding much more and I'm seeing the results every week. I've also learnt a lot about applying nutrition, stretching and rest to deliver sustainable performance - areas that didn't get much focus from me in the past.

The attention, guidance and feedback I've received from Jo has been outstanding. With Jo's input I am training much smarter and with a clear understanding of how each session will carry me towards my goals.

Shane Mattiske Sydney