Selecting a Coach can be one of the best investments you make in yourself and your cycling

Why is it that the many bike riders invest so much of their hard earned dollars in the bells and whistles of equipment yet barely spare a thought for the engine room itself? The engine room (you plus your training) deserves every bit if not more attention than your choice of equipment. In your early days of cycling it’s fair to say ‘just get on your bike and ride’. Time in the saddle is a must as it allows the body to adapt to a regime of consistent physical activity along with gradual increases in training load.

Eventually it becomes more about specificity and mimicking your goals and whilst initially the thought of engaging a Coach to help you address them can seem somewhat of an indulgence, once you’re engaged in the process you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Now by goals I don’t mean you necessarily have to be sniffing out a professional cycling contract (though who am I to stop the determined!) Staying with the bunch on a quick Sunday ride is just as much of a goal as getting yourself on the podium at a National event or finishing a Gran Fondo. Everything is relative.

Tailored Coaching is when a training plan is written specifically for YOUR goals based on YOUR lifestyle paired with YOUR training availability. It’s most definitely all about you. It’s not about getting the same plan as thirty other people training under the same Coach (and it’s easy to find out if this is the case – sit down together and open your plans, if they are all the same I would refer to what you are following as an off the shelf training guide - not Tailored Coaching).

An excessive catalogue of urban training myths exist within the peloton and bad habits can form early on. A Coach who is well versed in all aspects of their profession and with a sound history of results behind them is more often than not going to steer you toward your goals in a realistic manner as well as right any incorrect perceptions you’ve picked up along the way.

A sit down with our Coaches to discuss where you would like to be in three and six months is a good starting point. Being accountable to someone who is taking care of the build process, the aspect of rest and recovery and who can act as a sounding board is immeasurable and the leaps and bounds you will make in your performance will be significant. There is always room for improvement and including a Coach in your cycling scenario will deliver both expected and unexpected benefits. I won’t let you go without one last piece of advice to go with you and your new Coach - when all else fails, stick to the plan.

Getting Started

Turbo Studio tailored coaching is sold in thirteen week package with training is written in three x four week blocks to allow for reviews, changes in planning, health and progress. If you would like to enquire further about being Coached by Turbo Studio please contact us directly to set up an appointment.

You can view our Coaching Plan prices here.