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Yes you can and in fact we strongly recommend that you do to avoid disappointment. When booking in advance of arrival simply enter 'TBC' into the Hotel and Room Number fields and once you arrive and know the details we will update them for you.
You won't know your hotel (and room number) until you land and start the transition to a quarantine hotel. Once you have the information please email our hire desk and let us know the details so we can get it to you on the next delivery run. Please keep in mind that our delivery van leaves at 10am every day and makes one circuit run ensuring all orders for that day are received. If your flight arrives later than 9.30am it is more likely you'll receive your equipment delivery the following day though if there is room in the van we will do our best to carry your order so that we can deliver it during that day's run once we hear from you.

Yes you do, we do not hold equipment without full payment.

Yes we will refund your order in full as long as we have 24 hours notice.

We guarantee your order will arrive by 4pm but this is merely to give us wriggle room for when the quarantine buses are aplenty in the city and slow down the drop off process. We generally have ther orders completed by 2pm.

Not at all! The beauty of booking with Turbo Studio is that we deliver seven days a week.

Your hire dates need to line up with your hotel checkout date as the equipment cannot leave your room until you do. This is in line with quarantine regulations and we have no influence over this. We do offer a 7-9 day or a 10-14 day rate so if you're already part way into your quarantine stay you don't have to pay full price.

One of the many reasons the quarantine hotels refer Turbo Studio so often is due to our level of organisation and we give them as much information as possible to make their job easier. This also ensures the equipment gets to your door quickly. We do not enter the hotel, we leave it with the Concierge staff at the lobby door and they transfer it to your floor and leave it outside your door for you to bring into your room. Our equipment is on wheels and sized for easy transport.

Once equipment is in the room it must stay there until you depart once your quarantine period is complete. We do not refund or offer delivery of another piece of equipment to accommodate a change of mind.

Novotel Darling Harbour and Sofitel Wentworth do not allow treadmills. Outside of these two restrictions all our equipment is permitted into the hotels. Should you order a treadmill and find you are placed in one of these hotels we will gladly swap it for a spin bike or rower subject to availability. If that is not to your liking we will refund the treadmill cost in full. Additionally the Amora Hotel requires an undermat for all fitness equipment which we provide as part of your hire (no additional charge).

Yes you can though please ensure you enter their name and hotel details (if you know them when booking) into the profile and if it's a surprise gift let us know so we can let the Concierge know they are not expecting it. We'll even attach a Gift Certificate to the equipment with a message of your choosing.

Before we can collect equipment from a hotel it remains inside the room while the fogging process is carried out. Once this is complete (an approximate 48 hour turnaround) we collect the equipment and disinfect it once again though mainly to remove the fog residue.

Equipment is returned to our warehouse where we put it through a working check process ensuring all parts are oiled, moving where they should and are free from any hiccups. On the rare occasion something goes wrong we are at hand to either replace the unit or work through the issue with you same day.

You are generally able to take the equipment with you if you are transferred to a Health Hotel. If however, your quarantine period is extended there will be the pro-rata fee due. If you are not able to take the equipment with you to a Health Hotel and we are unable to collect it for several days due to necessary cleaning process of your room, we do not refund your hiring fee.

Prior to departing your room on checkout day we ask that you contact Hotel Reception and alert them to the equipment being in the room. They will advise whether they prefer it to stay in the room or be moved into the hallway outside your door. Quarantine Regulations require it to remain on your floor for the standard fogging / sanitisation process before we schedule our pick-up. This process is factored into your hire and we adjust pick-up day accordingly (adding two days to your submitted checkout date).

Please ensure the equipment is left in the same way it was delivered with all accompanying parts placed in it's original place (either inside bag or with machine). Road Bikes should be removed from trainers and not left attached as hotel staff are not familiar with set-up or dismantling. Treadmills should be folded and secured to prevent opening while being transported. Rowing machines should have benches folded up and secured with locknut.

We were the first company to rent fitness equipment into the hotel quarantine environment in 2020. We are abreast of any changes to quarantine regulations along with individual requirements of each hotel. We have incorporated this side of the business into our existing twelve year old establishment in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and treat it as a core part of our set-up. We work on this area of our business seven days a week and deliver to hotels every day of the week.

Your booking with Turbo Studio confirms you have no pre-existing medical condition that prevents you from exercising while in isolation. If you have any medical condition please advise us as we reserve the right to refuse rental due to the safety risk to yourself.