Gareth Rydon

Bravehearts Turbo Studio Masters Race Team Member

Instagram Name: Gareth Rydon

Nickname: @gazman001

D.O.B: I'm an 80's kid, how good were they!

Registered With: Sydney CC

Q & A with Chris

My Cycling Heroe/s: Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits

How I Got Into Cycling: Played rugby since I could walk (born is South Africa so it was a given), however I got to a point where it became a bit unprofessional turning up to work with black eyes! A friend signed me up for a triathlon, got a bit obsessed, then we added two new family members, so agreed with my wife to chose one out of the three sports. I picked the one that involves the most coffee and haven't looked back!

Goal Event/s of 2017:

Favorite Event and Why: Only two years into this cycling thing, so I feel like I have only just scratched the surface of all the awesome racing out there. At the moment its a toss up between regular Waratah races at Lansdowne (love the later start times), the epic West Head events that Manly Warringah puts on (best post race debriefs over coffee in Terry Hills) or l'etape in the NSW snowy mountains (when else can you say you have ridden with Chris Froome!).

Motivation to Join Bravehearts Turbo StudioMasters Race Team: Three main things: 1. The fact that the team supports the Bravehearts charity. 2. A chance to learn from a great bunch of riders - already learnt so much about sock height in my short time with the team. 3. THE KIT - orange is the new black. Hands down the best team kit at any race!!

When I’m not Cycling or Working I’m: Hanging out with my wife and kids and learning how to cartoon (pretty random but heaps of fun).