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A Q&A with Chris

  • When and how did you get into cycling?

    I had bikes from a very young age but I can remember my father buying two road bike frames and boxes of bike bits from a guy he worked with and we built the bikes over a course of a couple of weeks. We didn't really keep those bikes for long because they were pretty rubbish but we did end up buying new bikes pretty soon after. I rode bikes all the way through my school years but lost touch with it once I started to drive.

    I then got back into cycling in my late twenty's. I started mountain biking for fitness and it wasn't long before I started racing MTB cross country. I then moved to Australia continued to race and ride MTB but purchased a road bike to train on. It then took over!

  • What is your favourite event?

    Hard one to answer, there are so many to choose from. Three peaks Victoria has to be up there, a hard challenging event that has the pressure of racing against the clock, but a great atmosphere with your fellow riders.

  • What is your favourite long ride?

    Has to be the second day of the Bravehearts charity ride we have completed in 2017 and 2018. Start in Jindy, climb up to Charlottes Pass, back down Charlottets pass, up to Dead Horse Gap, over the top and down to Tom Groggin, back up to Dead Horse Gap and then back to Jindy. 200ks and 4,500m of climbing. Its a long day in the saddle with some awesome climbing and descending. But the best thing is the time you have with the people, there's no racing we just ride at a great pace and get each other through the day.

  • Any other hobbies?

    I play a little golf and love building Lego (if building Lego is a hobby) with my son Blake.

  • Favourite park-up?

    The Swan (a pub) in Thatcham, England. We do things a bit different back there!

  • What is your day job?

    I own Velo Tech Centre, a bicycle service, maintenance and sales store.

  • What was the appeal of joining the race team?

    I had been racing for a number of years at Masters A grade level and was looking for an opportunity to preform better at that level. Joining a team that was owned by a professional full time cycling coach and a team that had some strong riders seemed a logical way of helping me achieve that goal. Since joining the team I have managed to achieve some satisfying personal results and I have enjoyed being part of a team that has helped others reach their personal goals also.

  • Tell us your favourite cycling story

    There seems to be a story to be told for every ride and every race, just come in to my shop any Monday and I will bore you for an hour telling you about my weekends events!

    I think my favourite story is about my fathers best friend Mick Chandler. Mick was unfortunately diagnosed with kidney failure in his early adult life and underwent a kidney transplant that was successful. As a way of saying thank you to the hospital Mick completed Landsend to John o Groats (one end of the UK to the other 1,600ks) for the hospitals charity. Mick's donor kidneys then failed again and after two attempted transplants Mick had to come to terms with he would have to use a dialysis machine eight hours a day four days a week for the rest of life. Mick still loved his cycling and wanted to thank the staff and hospital again for their efforts so he rode from Landsend to John o groats again while using dialysis machines in various hospitals along the way. An amazing effort for any cyclist but to do it under the circumstances Mick completed it in is pretty unbelievable.

    When I am fifty I'm aiming to complete this ride.

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