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A Q&A with Matt

  • When and how did you get into cycling?

    When I met Sarah (my wife), I was introduced to the Sport of Triathlon by her mother. I started competing in a few races.... and quickly realised I wasn't very good at swimming or running! Decided to focus just on cycling, and well.... the rest is history. I also enjoy buying cycling things (and being broke).

  • What is your favourite event?

    I really enjoy racing West Head Road Race. It's a great ride with loads of punchy hills.

  • What is your favourite long ride?

    My favourite long ride is a VERY long ride. It took 8 days to complete and totalled over 950km and over 11,000m of climbing. The loop took me all the way around the blue mountains, stopping off at some of the great wine regions (Southern Highlands, Mudgee and Hunter Valley). It was the most spectacular ride, with some beautiful climbs and sensational country roads! Top tip for anyone wanting to try it.... don't carry all your gear (including tent).

  • Any other hobbies?

    Other hobbies?!?! Cycling makes me hungry... I enjoy eating good food... as a consequence I have learnt to cook good food and really enjoy cooking

  • Favourite park-up?

    The Thomas Osbourne Pub in Leeds - Club house and park up for Valley Striders CC, my first cycling club. They do a cracking post ride pint!

  • What is your day job?

    Day job? I never do it all day. In between my daydreams of riding a bike, I occasionally work as a car mechanic.

  • What was the appeal of joining the race team?

    To race and train with good friends. Make good friends suffer (some days). To suffer chasing (not so) good friends (other days). To enjoy targeting events together. The team banter and getting to wear orange.

  • Tell us your favourite cycling story

    All stories that start with "This one time on a bike..." are great stories! The funniest moment on a bike: When I was in Majorca, I was 2 hours in to a 6 hour ride. My Friend Andy looks over to my other friend Danny and says, "Danny? Are your nicks on inside out?!" Turns out Danny's new Rapha nicks had a black chamois and he had managed to put them on inside out!! We had a quick pit stop at the side of a country road. Danny popped behind a parked car for shelter, dropped his nicks... realised the person sleeping in the parked car had just woken up...quickly dressed again, and we had a VERY quick cycle off (with lots of laughter!) He will never live that one down!

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If you are a racing cyclist or have a desire to race, train with us each week and increase your power output along with improving race tactics and strategy

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