Turning the Lights Back On

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Yesterday it was confirmed that gyms are permitted to reopen from 13 June with new safety measures to be implemented in accordance with regulations.

According to these new guidelines, gyms are permitted ten clients per session and I am thankful that we are able to accommodate this number and continue on as a viable business. It is therefore with much background noise, many champagne corks popping and absolute relief that I can confirm Turbo Studio is reopening her doors on Tuesday 16th June and walking into a whole new landscape.

While We’ve Been Closed

During forced closure of our indoor facility we have not been idle, having rented our trainers out to many existing and new clients and with our coaching arm going strong it’s been business as usual in unusual times – just with a later start to the day due to no indoor sessions taking place. We have also carried out extensive renovations to the Studio to allow for greater spacing between trainers in order to adhere to social distancing rules.

We are implementing required changes and some changes of our own to adapt to these ever-changing times though the one thing that will never change is the personal service and rapport you have always enjoyed at Turbo Studio. It is, I believe, the foundation of our existence and the reason we are still here and able to roll into this new era.

Some of the changes you should expect to see upon your return are:

  • Session times will now be
  • Tues - Fri 6.00am – 7.15am - arrive at 6am for a 6.15am start with session finishing at 7.15
  • Tues – Fri 7.30am – 8.45am – arrive at 7.30am for a 7.45am start with session finishing at 8.45am
  • Tuesday evening 6.00pm – 7.15pm – arrive at 6pm for a 6.15pm start with session finishing at 7.15pm

  • Please note: Monday sessions will not be operate until further notice. Thursday night session will not operate until further notice

  • Hand sanitiser at the door
  • Disinfectant spray in the bathroom
  • Roller door on the kitchen area will be closed
  • Lockers are no longer to be used
  • Belongings can no longer be left at the studio (ie. cycling shoes)
  • The Studio is now made up of two complete rows - upon arrival you can take your bike directly to the next available trainer in the row and park it in the single bike rack that will be in front of your trainer
  • A preparation area next to your trainer for you to sit and get ready for your session. This includes a stool / storage box for you to sit on while you prepare and then turn upside down to place your personal belongings inside.
  • Skewer change will be done with the use of rubber gloves though to create a mostly contactless process we request that you please purchase a training skewer from us and have it in your bike ready for the session
  • There is now a greater distance between you and your neighbouring riders
  • You will have your own fan
  • Bring two bottles of water to remove the need to top up during your session
  • When the session is finished your bike will be removed from the trainer and parked into the bike rack at your trainer for you to wheel outside
  • Your towel is to be placed in the towel bin at the front of the door
  • All stools / storage boxes will be wiped down by us after each session
  • If you are working from home, you may want to consider the second session of the day at 7.30am

  • What has not changed is the service you know and expect to receive at Turbo Studio. The guidance with regard to your training session remains unchanged and I’m proud to say ‘the suffering’ will be as it always was!

    Your Membership Plan and Booking / Cancelling Sessions

    Many of the plans do not have a ‘pause’ function so rather than drag them out month by month waiting for a start date we have simply followed up every time you received an expiry notice with our own ‘please ignore’ email and used it as an opportunity to say hello. We will now be adjusting all plans to extend them by twelve weeks which is the total time of our closure.

    Due to the reduced capacity for each session we will need to be strict regarding late cancellations and no shows. We have always conducted our business on an honour system over the years and that will remain unchanged, though with our ability to accommodate regular numbers now reduced, we need to ensure the business remains feasible and are able to accommodate our clients. The cancellation period is now set to 24 hours and any late cancellation or no show will unfortunately be subject to the applicable penalty (the session credit ticked off as used for multisession plans or time deducted from unlimited plans). We seek your understanding on this issue.

    In Closing

    Sessions from Tuesday 16 June are now online. Please let us know if you come across any issues during the booking process though we don’t anticipate any hiccups.

    We are looking forward to entering this new era with you and trust we will all adapt and enjoy what is ahead.

    May I take this opportunity to thank you for your messages of support, of concern and of loyalty. These twelve weeks have shown me what a strong community exists from Turbo Studio and a decade of hard work has been summed up for me by the support you have extended in my direction.

    Thank you sincerely
    Joanne Palazzetti