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Ideal if you're wanting to dig in deep during the isolation phase . Run in monthly blocks you'll reap the benefits of indoor and outdoor workouts suitable for your starting fitness level with progress made through focused and specific workouts that are monitored and analysed by a Professional Coach.  You'll belong to our strong community and although it will be presently based in the virtual world of cycling, we WILL come out the other side of this episode as united as ever and you'll be part of a whole new and supportive network.

This package includes the hire of one of our smart trainers complete with instructions on how to set it up, how to load workouts and the enjoyment and challenge of some online graded group rides such as our A-Grade weekly ride lead by members of our Race Team. Additionally it includes our famous high intensity interval workout sessions conducted in an online group environment.

Our custom training plans are delivered to you in the true sense of the word in that they are truly about you, your goals and your current fitness. We do not advocate handing over template training plans that have been issued to multiple athletes and pitch them as customised. Our plans are written from the ground up for every client that signs on with us and in are reflective of our early discussions and your submitted Athlete Questionnaire.

What's In This Monthly Bundle
$360 pm
  • One month hire of Computrainer smart trainer.
    Includes set up instructions and phone / video support
  • Custom Training Plan includes:
  • Plan built by professional Coach based on your current fitness and goals
  • Goal Setting through discussion and Athlete Questionnaire
  • Downloadable workout files
  • Workout File Analysis
  • Regular Communication
  • Training Peaks Account (b
    Let's come out the other side united!
    Community is needed more than ever so join ours and let's ride to keep our minds and bodies in shape with plenty of humour along the way!
  • Same day response time
  • Invitation to Thursday Race-Team Group ride on Zwift
  • A Selection of our Workouts and Rides to use online in your own time
  • Triathlon Plans are increased by $65
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