Let's Work as a Community and Get Through This Period Together

It's our alternative way of getting our great community through this period of semi-isolation and in order to get you started with our online workouts, we need to get you set up with a few things to make your first (and every session after that) seamless. We've created a checklist further down this page that includes everything you need to arrive on time and be ready to go.

If you have any question at all, shoot us an email and we'll help you get ready for some challenging, engaging and quality workouts!

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Some reasons to join our online workouts
01.We'll Help You Stay Motivated

While solo training is ideal in many situations, riding alone all of the time will lead you to an empty road where you look around and wonder where all your friends went. Our indoor training facility has always been a great hub of communication and meeting new people and we intend to keep that going through our online classes. If you've never attended a session at our indoor facility because you're a dedicated home trainer, perhaps now is the time!

03.It's the Perfect Opportunity to Improve Your Cycle Fitness!

There, we said it. We must find some positives in this situation to keep our head above the water level and we think together we can come out of this physically stronger. Moving our existing community online and allowing it to grow organically is a reflection of one of our strongest human traits - the ability to adapt.So let's adapt to our current situation and come out bursting with strength on the other side!

02.You'll Still Meet New People

We'll even be talking to each other throughout the session as we work through the programme together. While you may not meet new people face to face, this period of isolation will pass and the day will come where you can put a face to a name/voice.

04.You can keep your indoor plan running without interruption

Rather than let your plan sit idel until we reopen our indoor premises you can convert it dollar for dollar (whatever value remains on your indoor plan) and join our online community. It's the same session style just from your own home and with Jo's voice piping down the voice channel to you giving you instructions. Why not try it for one month!


We have an assortment of coaching and training bundles for you to choose from and they include the hire of one of our trainers or using your own. If after reading our options you're not sure, just get in touch.

  • Bundle One
  • Bundle Two
  • Bundle Three
  • Bundle Four

You'll need to have Zwift installed on whatever device you're going to run your workouts from. For all instructions on setting up please go directly to Zwift Support

You'll also need the Zwift Companion app for Android or Apple installed on your phone as it's where the Meetups (workouts) run from.

Through the Zwift Companion app click on 'Find Zwifters' and search for Turbo Studio. Unless you're following Turbo Studio you won't get an invite to the workouts so don't get left behind!

We'll be running from a voice channel within Discord so we can communicate during the sessions. It's crucial you install the app as you won't hear the workout instructions otherwise.

Download the Discord app here. You can install it on your computer, phone or tablet - wherever you'll be running your workouts from. Once you have it installed follow this Voice Channel Invite to join our line of communication.

We find it best to use it on a phone that is in a cradle on your bike handlebars - just remember to do a test run before the session and be sure to have the volume turned up.

We'll send out the invite 48 and 24 hours prior to the start time to include all registrations. Althouhg places are not limited and we'll include everyone that books in we would like to count on participants being reliable so if you intend to be there don't be a no-show!

  • Preface: You need to be on time (AT LEAST 5 minutes before the Meetup is due to start) as Zwift Meetups wait for no man, it starts automatically. The workout will run in a mode that is simulating riding outside so you use your gears, shifting up and down accordingly. We use the flattest routes possible so you can maintain leg speed throughout the intervals. We also use the 'Keep Everyone Together' function so we work as a group yet still to our own individual intensity. We use the Discord app to communicate through a Voice Channel.
  • Now for the Steps to Workout

  • 1. Launch Zwift and Click Ride. You'll land in an active riding screen and can use this scene for your warm up unless you want to warm up prior. You need to carry out your warm-up before the workout starts as we'll be going straight into the interval sets. A good 15 minute warm-up is ideal to have your circulation going and a light sweat happening to indicate your body isn't a cold starter. That's never a good way to go into an interval session.
  • 2. Hit the letter 'E' on the keyboard. It will take you to your Training Library. At the bottom of the window you will see Erg Mode enabled. Disable it.
  • 4. Within a couple of minutes of the Meetup, a message will pop up at the bottom left of the screen asking you if you want to 'Join Meetup'. Time to go! Once you click Join Meetup, Zwift will magically transfer you to the route we have chosen for the session.
  • 5. Check through Discord that you can be heard and you can hear Coach. This is important so you can hear the workout instructions.
  • 6. Understanding how the workout will flow won't take long but here are some pointers. Coach will be calling instructions through the microphone and using your gears and either Power or HR data on the screen you respond accordingly. If you have a Power Meter on your bike have Intensity Factor (IF) on your head unit and use it to control your power.

    An example of what you'll hear during a workout is below.:

    . Ok let's work for 4 minutes at 100% of FTP
    . Now rest and ride easy for 2 minutes at 50% intensity
    . Counting down from 5 4 3 2 1 now let's go for 3 minutes at 105% of FTP
  • Listen to the instructions given to you by Coach Jo for every step of the session through the Discord app. This is where it's important to have test run Discord so you don't get left behind.
  • 7. We'll run a 5-10 minute cool down at the end of the session. Our HR will be lowering and we'll be in a good state to chat about the session.

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