TURBO STUDIO was a first in not only Sydney but in Australia and paved the way for more of it's kind.
It's something I'll be forever proud of.

In 2009 I opened Turbo Studio, the first of it's kind in many ways. My idea was to create a niche indoor training facility for cyclists and triathletes and bust the myth that indoor cycle training was only something you did if it rained. So many gains can be made when done correctly and with evidence based training the foundation of your workouts. Over twelve years I'm proud to say we were regarded as the go-to for training that was steeped in science, knowledge and results. Our expertise with regard to training to the measure of power has world class and we successfully conveyed the most important elements to reach a level of cycling that most are oblivious to but is the cornerstone of better performance.

Many more avenues grew out of the indoor facility with us providing custom coaching to many of Sydney's cyclists as well as to our many clients overseas. With a history in cycle touring I developed 'The Big Day Out' adventures which offered cyclists a long distance event beginning in Sydney and finishing in a location approximately 200km away, meaning a train ride home was waiting for them at the end of the ride! A partnership with Audi Centre Sydney was developed through our Masters Race Team, another project of great longevity that I am eternally proud of.

Like many businesses in our industry, Turbo Studio took a swift kick in the shins in 2020, going into forced closure for twelves weeks. Once we were permitted to reopen we could only operate at 50% capacity due to social distancing rules. Then came the idea at the beginning of mandatory hotel quarantine to rent our unused equipment to travellers coming into Sydney and going into isolation. What started initially as renting only our road bikes and smart trainers from our indoor training facility quickly evolved into our investing in treadmills, spin bikes, rowing machines, weights and yoga mats.

Through our strong reputation in Sydney we have won the support of not only our existing network but one well beyond our great shores. The equipment hire side of the business is of a very different nature to the one we were used to, but we apply the same rules of communication, rapport, service and keeping you active and healthy in body and mind while utilising our services.

That I could develop an 'Equipment Rental' business is a testament to the network and reputation that came about through the life of Turbo Studio. It has always been a business built on relationships with my clients and while most of the rental business is done online, I do my best to instill the personal element that helped Turbo Studio thrive.

When the Sydney lockdown was announced in June 2021 I realised the indoor facility would struggle to make it through another period of closure. With the equipment rental business having grown to the point of me actually now struggling to balance both businesses I made the decision to close the doors to the cycling specific side permanently. It was a bittersweet moment filled with nostalgic thoughts and what has felt a lifetime of adventures.

I lost my business to COVID-19 but have been fortunate enough to develop another and although there is a shorter lifespan to this one, it is one that gives me a purpose each day and makes a significant and positive difference to those going through a challenging period of isolation.

So please allow me to thank you for supporting my small business whether it's through direct rental or referring us to a travelling friend or family member. It's a small business that I now affectionately refer to as 'The Little Business That Could'.

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