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A Q&A with Diego Canavero

  • When and how did you get into cycling?

    I started shaving my legs in 2011, so that's when I define someone because a true nob... sorry I mean a real cyclist! After many injuries during crossfit and running I was given 3 options: 1. Rowing 2.Swimming 3.cycling. So option 1 was ruled out straight away and my crossfit mates and I always made fun of the latte drinkers, banana bread eaters and lycra wearing cyclist I quickly became a swimmer! After shark attack near misses... well I now LOVE banana bread, my favourite drink is a latte and I own more lycra than normal clothes!

  • What is your favourite event?

    Race: Grafton 2 Inverell Fondo: Bowral Classic

  • What is your favourite long ride?

    Sydney 2 Wagga: A few of us take a bike packing trip for the Dirty 130, long the way we ride some of NSWs' amazing gravel roads and equally stunning views. This ride helps give yo a new appreciation for fresh kit after 3 days in the same kit Wagga Wagga is a very welcome sight after 740km over 4 days.

  • Any other hobbies?

    Tasting red wines, this is a part time job and finding the worlds best hamburger with Chips. I might pass this hobby onto my son as the race team has given a wieght limit!

  • Favourite park-up?

    I was a Barista for 7 years, so I'm very finicky with my coffee! I make the best coffee in the world at home :) :)... but I love everything that goes with a "Park-ups"... good coffee is a bonus! flavour at the moment is Cafe Con Lechè.

  • What is your day job?

    Please read above! Tasting Wine and eating Burgers!

  • What was the appeal of joining the race team?

    Ive raced against the team for about 3 years, Great guys and always held themselves like true gentleman. I've known Jo from Turbo Studio for 6 years and she has always been very helpful and always went out of her way to facilitate room at her studio for club members and race team. The honest truth is that I needed something to help me pull my finger out!

  • Tell us your favourite cycling story

    I had so many stories, but the latest is the best! After a horrible last year with sickness and a broken shoulder, she had basically given up on racing. After a solid start to this year with normal training she had her first hope of racing again.. I quickly registered her for Grafton2Inverell 2019. Now to say I dragged her there kicking and screaming is a bit far fetched but for those who know me... well its in the story... Even on the day of the race she was telling me that she wasn't ready, didn't have enough kms in the legs, hadn't done enough climbing and and my favourite - I have heavy tired legs, I won't be able to climb or keep up. Okay so she may have been dropped on the climb, but she didn't give up, she kept pushing and pushing. I was at the finish line listening to the commentator giving us the blow by blow... 30km... he was saying two female riders up the road and 219 chasing, but unlikely to catch... 20km 219 has caught ands working with the female and trying to catch the female in the breakaway.... 10km 219 has dropped the female that was working with her and trying to chase down the leader... 5km 219 has not only caught, but pedalled straight passed the leader and is flying into town..... 0km (Commentator) we can't believe it, 219 Megan Scott has won the 2019 Grafton 2 Inverell. Morale of the story... NEVER give up!

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If you are a racing cyclist or have a desire to race, train with us each week and increase your power output along with improving race tactics and strategy

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