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A Q&A with Sarah

  • When and how did you get into cycling?

    I stated riding as a broke student touring round SE Asia, Sri Lanka, Fiji and South Africa on shitty local bikes - but got into road bikes far more recently. When my surgeon told me my knee was shot and I needed to stop running at the ripe old age of 25, I embraced road bikes and haven't looked back!

  • What is your favourite event?

    Tour down under! I studied in Adelaide to its great to go back and see cyclists absolutely take over the city. I entered a few of the local races this year - nothing like racing in 42 degrees to get the HR up.

  • What is your favourite long ride?

    I love the Royal National Park. Such an efficient use of a weekend morning - and riding through the quiet misty rainforest and feels like you are miles away from the city.

  • Any other hobbies?

    I love to cook, and I love that riding so much means I can now eat ALOT more. I also sew which is handy for kit repair.

  • Favourite park-up?

    Spruce goose in Centennial Park - its the SCC hot spot so you are guaranteed good company.

  • What is your day job?

    I am a lawyer working in financial and civil regulation.

  • What was the appeal of joining the race team?

    I know a lot of the men in the team, and they have been very encouraging and supportive of my improvement in the sport. So when I heard they were opening up the team to women, I jumped at the chance to join!

  • Tell us your favourite cycling story

    Riding back down from the hills at the TDU - ended up rolling turns with the Bahrain-Merida team who were super friendly!

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If you are a racing cyclist or have a desire to race, train with us each week and increase your power output along with improving race tactics and strategy

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