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It's a Better Way to Train

Engaging the services of a cycling coach may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but when you consider the investment you make in your equipment and clothing doesn't it make sense to prioritise how you actually perform on the bike?

Busting the Myths of Coaching

Why is it that the many bike riders invest so much of their hard earned dollars in the bells and whistles of equipment and stylish kit, yet barely spare a thought for the engine room itself? The engine room (you plus your training) deserves every bit if not more attention than your choice of equipment. In your early days of cycling it’s fair to say ‘just get on your bike and ride’.

Time in the saddle is a must as it allows the body to adapt to a regime of consistent physical activity along with gradual increases in training load.

Eventually it becomes more about specificity and mimicking your goals and whilst initially the thought of engaging a Coach to help you address them can seem somewhat of an indulgence, once you’re engaged in the process you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t start sooner. By goals we don’t mean you necessarily have to be sniffing out a professional cycling contract (though who are we to stop the determined!) Staying with the bunch on a quick Sunday ride is just as much of a goal as getting yourself on the podium at a National event or finishing a Gran Fondo in your target time. Everything is relative.

Tailored Coaching is when a training plan is written specifically for YOUR goals based on YOUR lifestyle paired with YOUR training availability. It’s all about you. It’s not about getting the same plan as thirty other people training under the same Coach (and it’s easy to find out if this is the case – sit down together and open your plans, if they are all the same I would refer to what you are following as an off the shelf training guide - not Tailored Coaching).

A catalogue of multiple urban training myths exist within the peloton and bad habits can form early on. A Coach who is well versed in all aspects of their profession and with a sound history of results behind them is more often than not going to steer you toward your goals in a realistic manner as well as straighten out any incorrect perceptions you’ve picked up along the way.

A sit down with a Coach to discuss where you would like to be in three and six months is a good starting point. Being accountable to someone who is taking care of the build process, the aspect of rest and recovery and who can act as your sounding board is immeasurable and the leaps and bounds you will make in your performance will be significant. There is always room for improvement and including a Coach in your cycling scenario will deliver both expected and unexpected benefits.


Jo has taken my cycling to a whole new level, increasing my power, coaching me to train smart and having lots of fun along the way!

Jo's approach of a structured, yet flexible, customised programme combining both indoor and outdoor sessions has taken me from a strong cyclist to a competitive cyclist!

I love the Turbo Studio community and as an added bonus I'm enjoying the bucketloads of cups, crowns and PBs on a regular basis on Strava!!


Earlier this year I started a structured coached training program with Turbo Studio in addition to my indoor training with them. Having a program which has been tailored to my goals, timetable - and personality, has been the best investment in cycling that I have ever made. With Indoor + Coaching I've been able to very quickly step up to a level well beyond my best past performances and I can see a clear path to achieving the cycling goals I've set for myself.

By applying the structure and guidance provided, I've found that I'm getting much greater value out of every training session I do. I'm enjoying my riding much more and I'm seeing the results every week. I've also learnt a lot about applying nutrition, stretching and rest to deliver sustainable performance - areas that didn't get much focus from me in the past. The attention, guidance and feedback I've received from Jo has been outstanding. With Jo's input I am training much smarter and with a clear understanding of how each session will carry me towards my goals.

What We Deliver

Tailored Plan

Through our initial and follow up conversations together with our Athlete Questionnaire we build a unique and well structured plan suited to you, your goals, your lifestyle and training availability.

Athlete Support

We're in this together and your good days and bad days are as much ours as yours. With same day response time you can consider us your lifeline to your training outcomes.

Review and Adjust

Our days and weeks don't always play out like we initially plan and often we need to review and adjust to work around unexpected interruptions. This is part of your package and incurs no further fees.

Goal Setting

Let's target some A, B and C goals together whether they be weekend group rides, a Gran Fondo, criterium racing or road events, everything we work toward counts as a goal.

Organised Rides

Small groups of like power output make for a quality ride on the weekend meaning we can incorporate a healthy social aspect into our rides and share the load.

Earlybird Indoor Booking

We strongly encourage our athletes where possible to incorporate indoor training into their programme. It's the magic sauce of training that Turbo Studio can offer over all other coaching services on offer. As a coached athlete you receive priority booking and are guaranteed a place in our sessions.

Understand your Riding

If you want to understand your training zones better we'll help you to understand the process as we work together. Working correct training zones within your specific workouts lays the foundation for how and why you will improve your performance on the bike.

Turbo Studio Community

The community surrounding Turbo Studio is strong and an incredibly welcoming one. We pride ourselves on the encouragement and support that our athletes extend to on another and it is this training philosophy we practise on a continuing basis.


In our humble opinion this is the most important element of your coaching above and beyond all else for without it we won't understand where we are coming from or going to. Continuing a healthy level of two-way communication is paramount to ongoing improvement.

Coaching Packages


  • Accredited Coach
  • Tailor Made Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Workout File Analysis
  • Race File Analysis
  • Daily or Weekly Communication
  • Reviews and Adjustments
  • Training Peaks Basic Account
  • 24 hour Response Time
  • Please note: Triathlon Custom Coaching incurs an additional $50
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  • Accredited Coach
  • Tailor Made Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Workout File Analysis
  • Race File Analysis
  • Daily or Weekly Communication
  • Reviews and Adjustments
  • Training Peaks Basic Account
  • 24 hour Response Time
  • $100 discount when combined with indoor plan of 26 sessions or more
  • Please note: Triathlon Custom Coaching incurs an additional $150 across the six months
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