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What is Turbo Studio?

Now in our tenth year of operation, Turbo Studio is Sydney's first dedicated Indoor Cycle Training House catering specifically to the needs of cyclists and triathletes. Since we opened our doors we have evolved into outdoor squad training, one to one Coaching, touring and training camps as well as our Bravehearts Turbo Studio Masters Race Team which is our not for profit project in aid of Bravehearts charity.

Indoor Sessions are conducted using your own bike mounted on our computerised ergometers and sessions are load controlled meaning there is no gear changing required. Our trainers feed the required load of intensity to your back wheel according to the custom written sessions and your level of current fitness (established during your first session with us). From there we work with you to drive up your cycle fitness through regular attendance.

We suggest you book into a regular group session using the discounted 'introductory pass' available to new members ($20) where we will introduce you to our method of training. Taking part in a regular session also allows you to get a feel for the trainer along with the great camaraderie that exists within a group workout. If you are unable to bring your own bike (it is our preference that you use your own bike) we have several road bikes available to use.

The Benefits of Indoor Training

With more cyclists and triathletes discovering the great advantages of training indoor, there is no denying what the converted now know to be fact. Work on a trainer is not replicable outdoor as it allows for specificity and intensity without the distraction and risk involved on the road. As you're not sidelined by outside elements (wind/rain) you can hit the bullseye every single time leaving nothing to chance, even allowing you to make a better estimation of your cycle fitness level by goal day.

  • Improve your power through measurement and accountability (yours and ours)
  • Risk free workout without the inherent danger of being on the road with cars and trucks
  • Guided group sessions with expert coaching advice and direction. Understand how to progress your power output over time
  • Use your own bike, not a stationary bike
  • Through measured indoor workouts you can take newfound knowledge to make outdoor workouts more efficient
  • Data feedback on screen during workout and via a post session report
  • Outdoor rides are included with your indoor membership plan
  • Never miss a ride, if it rains, book a session indoor!

  • A Quick Glance at our Session Types

    Ninety minutes of High Intensity Interval work at your FTP. Establishing your FTP is first and foremost on the check list as throughout the sixty minutes you will be working through intervals that feed percentages of your FTP to the back wheel through the resistance created by our

    Computrainers that work together with our software. The work you do at TS will see your FTP progressively climb and as power climbs speed increases with it. Read more about how our sessions operate here.

    The second and more 'precise extraction' process is to conduct a Performance Test. Carrying out an FTP test is arguably one of the hardest procedures you will go through on a bike. FTP is indicative of an intensity that is similar to a blood lactate threshold, which can be highly predictive of performance in a range of endurance events and distances

    Conducting these tests on a regular basis (every six-eight weeks) keeps your training honest and any improvements (or lack of!) transparent.

    It's possible to ride any course in the world inside at Turbo Studio. Simulating the bike course allows for a better understanding of what the course elevation will leave you feeling both throughout the ride and at the end of it which is of significant benefit to Triathletes in particular.

    Questions Most Frequently Asked

    Go to our online booking engine and purchase a single session or membership plan. You will need to create an account if you have not yet trained at Turbo Studio and will be required to enter a few personal details. If you have trained previously with us but have never booked your own sessions, you will already have an account so simply enter your email as your username and click 'Forgot Password' to set one up.

    We recommend you bring your own road bike as riding a stationary trainer is demanding on the body and holding your riding position for a sustained duration whilst taking your legs through the same range of motion repetitively is intended to stress your muscles and joints. However, to do this on a bike other than your own, which isn't perfectly positioned to suit you, is at best going to result in poor performance and at worst will cause an injury.

    When driving a pedal, especially if you are intending to improve your power output, it is absolutely critical that you are using your own professionally 'fitted' bike.

    We are far more niche than a general fitness spin class although we also have general fitness clients that attend classes as they love the focus on detailed data. One of our main focal points is the improvement of power output using specialised ergometers (a stationary trainer to which your road bike is fitted which measures work or energy expended during the period of physical exercise.) Each rider has their own data on the screen infront of them with a session report delivered after each workout.

    The report provides accountability and proof of progress as the base number to which you train (Functional Threshold Power) climbs over time. As your FTP climbs, so does your bike fitness. Along with the pysical training goes hand in hand with u IP that is unique to our full time cycle specific training centre. With over twenty years experience in this method of training we pride ourselves on our expertise and guide you through understanding how, when and why your performance on the bike is improving.

    The advertised time on our class schedule is when you should arrive. It takes us a matter of minutes to set your own bike up on our trainer followed by a 10 minute initial warm up to ensure the back tyre is heated against the trainer roller. The session then begins and involves working at threshold through high intensity intervals. We are effectively pushing you through pre-determined training zones which results in far greater performance outcomes than what outdoor training or general cycle classes provide and this is simply because of the precision of our training method, our knowledge over years of experience in how to get the best out of an indoor workout along with the removal of outdoor distractions.

    You can see available session times here.