Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement blankets all elements of Turbo Studio from indoor, outdoor, coaching through to our race team.

Throughout every year of business we have adhered to a code of ethics and moral foothold that has allowed us to weather any disruption. We will always do what we believe is the right thing for, a) Our clients b) Our business. We have given careful consideration to penning what we believe will be a testament to our past and future good conduct and fair play in both business and sport.

Turbo Studio aims to:

1) Provide an inclusive, encouraging, non-discriminatory environment for cyclists and triathletes to improve their performance on the bike as well as increase their social network;
2) Provide a coaching service that is a professional example of leadership, knowledge and experience that is to the benefit of its clients and the business;
3) Allow members within the Turbo Studio community and other training groups the right to train in a safe, non-threatening environment free of harassment of any nature;
4) Acknowledge and respect the rights of other coaches and squads to operate in the capacity they deem fit for the good of their own business and to do so without comment or judgement;
5) Encourage athletes to compete fairly and abide by all rules and codes of conduct for the sport of cycling and triathlon;
6) Adhere to an overall level of service that at all time reflects our core values and to encourage its community to respectfully acknowledge that Turbo Studio provides all of the above to their benefit as well as providing a livelihood to not only its owner but to its associates and employees.